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A Short Visit to the Biak, The Future Space Port of Indonesia

Early this month i was adventuring to Biak, a small island on the most north-east edge of Indonesia. If the trip is only for another trip, so i guess not much to tell, everyone does the adventures here and there. So, what’s make this adventure so unique is, because Biak is not just another island. Sometimes around the future in Biak, there will be a space launch facility built. This facility is the third space launch center outside of Russia, the owner of the facility. This facility will provide the efficient and cost-effective launch services for space vehicle on the region of South East Asia and beyond.

Bandara Frans Kaisieppo di Waktu Siang

Utillizing converted equipment from the cold-war era into commercials need, the technology should be competitive for providing the growing commercial market of space related services. This project is a cooperation between the Government of Indonesia and Russia, and that would benefit for both countries, either on economy, science, technology or even politics. Since Biak is in the position just slightly near the equator and just on the Pacific Ocean, that should be comfort and efficient for space-launching, and those aspects are important on attracting client for space-related services.

The full detail of technical aspects should be classified by both government, obviously. In Indonesia, the national space agency (LAPAN) is the place for further informations about this subject. But for me, the opportunity to take a peek on the future ‘space travel center’, i.e. Airport of Frans Kaisieppo; is an exciting experiences, beside, for the first time i saw Pacific Ocean! *teehee*

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  2. Good blogpost, great looking blog, added it to my favs!

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