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Bazaar of Wonder (on Bosscha Observatory)

On 15th of Dec, 2007; Bosscha Observatory, officially inaugurate The Faculty House, christening as Kerkhoven Huis, as the dedication to Rudolf A. Kerkhoven for his contribution to development of astronomy in Indonesia.

Since the Bosscha Observatory is the central playing ground for astronomy in Indonesia, this event has flocked many numbers of astronomy-related people, from professional worker of astronomy to just amateur astronomy-goers, from elementary school children to The Minister of Research and Technology, from astronaut to archeology, from journalist to Ambassador of The Dutch. And the number of visitors? Count only the numbers of the children, aproximately one hundreds children, surely it was The Bazaar of Wonder.

What was happen then, there? The history of astronomy in Indonesia is related with the The Dutch colonial, it was The Dutch who brought modern astronomy to Indonesia, and built Bosscha Observatory. So, don’t be suprirse if the kids also bring the flag of the Dutch around the time of event, since The Ambassador of Dutch is one of important guest.

The Kids & The Flags

The flock of childrens not just representing the basic education, but also as the preliminary project of Unawe Indonesia, and the astronaut of Malaysia bring about another amusement for them.

The ‘bazaar’ not just about astronomy, surely astronomy is the main menu; but there are also planting trees among many other activities. I was curious, why should all the name of the trees started with letter K? Gee ..

The Tree from the MinisterThe Tree from the Astronaut

There was also a group of community of young people who eager to popularized science, known as netsains community. Even in short period of gathering, the link of all science-goers from Indonesia can play more important role to expose science for more people in such a fashion way.

The Netsains, The Astronaut & The Minister

Well, after all of the heyday, the Ministry of Research and Technology of Indonesia cut the ribbon and officially inaugurated the Kerkhoven Huis. This house is functioning as Faculty House and as the Museum of Astronomy. Hopefully this will play a pivotal point for the next generation of astronomy in Indonesia.
In front of Kerkhoven Huis

So the first part was over, that is the fiesta of inauguration and for the second part began, (as the main menu). For first time, the house commissioned for the works of astronomy community in Indonesia; from the meeting of the Astronomy Alumni Union of Indonesia to One Day Seminar of Astronomy.

It would be sensible to say that there is a spark of joy for science in Indonesia; in such a weary situation on social, politic, economy, etc., there is still a place for science. Even though astronomy is merely a tiny subset of large block of science in Indonesia, but who can tell, even one tiny member still contribute something.

So, that is the story about the bazaar, there is a question still remain, will this bazaar is merely another bazaar? When after all the lights go off, will everyone go home and sleep in tiredness, or for some will go out, watch the dark night sky and pondering about something?

The answer will depend on how Kerkhoven Huis will play role in the future, will it just another monument of the past, or will play role as the incubator for future of science in Indonesia?

When Bazaar of Wonders comes into play, remove all cards in all graveyards from the game. Whenever a spell is played, counter it if a card with the same name is in a graveyard or a nontoken permanent with the same name is in play.

The Flags

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  2. hidup netsains!! postingan yang cukup lengkap mas :). good job!

    Komentar oleh ilma | Desember 19, 2007 | Balas

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