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Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

Astronaut Idol

What is the use of space-wonder? Ask ten persons, there would be ten answers. But one thing for sure, the space wonder can plays big role in peace. Surely.

The relationship between two neighbors, Indonesia and Malaysia always in high and low, sometimes like brothers, sometimes so tense because of soo many reasons. But i do not talk about that dispute, instead to show that the eagerness to know the space is far more interesting rather than political (& cultural) dispute and can overcome the differences.

Last saturday, 2007, Dec, 15th, Bosscha Observatory was inaugurating the Faculty House. Among important guest is the Ministry of Research & Technology of Indonesia, and along with him, came the Astronaut from Malaysia.

Minister of Research, The Astronaut & The Crowd
Why astronaut? Since astronaut is a person who has experienced to travel in space, it would be a great moment to share the experiences with younger generation, since a lot of children from elementary schools also invited. Why Malaysia? A Peace conference? (since currently, there are ‘disputes’ between Indonesia & Malaysia) Well, space has no boundaries. So do the children know no boundaries nor politics whatsoever, so they just enjoy the space stories.

So that was, indeed, the astronaut, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, play his role, not just the agent of knowledge, sharing his experiences in space; he also play his role as the agent of environment, since he contribute seed of tree for the observatory.

Astronaut with the KidsThe Astronaut IdolThe Astronaut & The Tree

But, what was compelling about his presence, he was the center of the stage! Just like an idol, he attracted everyone during the event. Forget about the event, forget about the space, he might have a better job even if he quit his current job. Believe me, from the time he arrived, he was surrounded, not just by the childrens, but also the teachers, other guests and so on. Forget about speech from the Director of Observatory, everyone asks for his autograph. He was an idol for the day.

The Astronaut & The FansThe Astronaut & The Director

Well, it was a great time with the astronaut, his presence not just as the excitement to meet an idol, but hopefully could inspiring younger generation about the space. Hopefully the spirit from his experience remain in the mind of the next generations.

THe Autograph

Desember 19, 2007 - Posted by | Astronomy, Culture, Education, Social Activity

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  1. Forget about the event, forget about the space, he might have a better job even if he quit his current job.

    >>> hehehe of course. ini nih list kerjaannya dia : doktor perubatan (ortopedi), model sambilan, ahli perniagaan (mengusahakan Restoran Rebung di Bangsar) dan kini seorang angkasawan. <<<<<<

    so ga heran juga akhirnya kalo diidolain gitu hahahaha

    Komentar oleh ivie | Desember 19, 2007 | Balas

  2. tambahan…. usia 35… hehehehe

    Komentar oleh ivie | Desember 19, 2007 | Balas

  3. emang cakep kok mas..
    cowok aja mengakui bahkan seneng ngeliatnya, apalagi cewek.

    tapi bukan berarti kemaren saya histeris loh..huehehehe.

    nice blog u have here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Komentar oleh ilma | Desember 19, 2007 | Balas

  4. huuuu i miss that moment… whatta….dokter, astronot, panduan yang oke banget….

    Komentar oleh VV | Desember 22, 2007 | Balas

  5. […] just representing the basic education, but also as the preliminary project of Unawe Indonesia, and the astronaut of Malaysia bring about another amusement for […]

    Ping balik oleh Bazaar of Wonder (on Bosscha Observatory) « The Aldebaran - Chronicles of the Stars Pilgrim | Januari 8, 2008 | Balas

  6. as i gazed at him i forgot the conflict between indonesia and malaysia for a moment hahahahahaha

    Komentar oleh ratna | Januari 8, 2008 | Balas

  7. bila dr sheikh nak datang ke sekolah saya,(maktab mahmud,alor star,kedah)

    Komentar oleh ifah | Juni 1, 2008 | Balas

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