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Mashuri’s Tomb, Crystal Village & Thai’s Restaurant

Then come another sunday, what a morning, we have to ready in earlier time, since some important officer of Malaysian’s state visit us & the local student make some exhibition of space science. So much for formality. hehehehe ..

After awhile, still traveling a lot, we visit Mahsuri’s tomb, Mahsuri is well known as the legend of Langkawi. Not much i can tell, since we visit only in a brief moment, yet, the place is indeed a historical landmark for the island. We also visit crystal village, by the name it can tell that some local create crystalline art using natural resources of Langkawi. Urrrghhh .. Moon Song’s head hit the door????

Dinner for that day was served in a Thailand restaurant, hmmh .. change of menu? It was okay, now the secretariat had their plan, some door prizes for those who are lucky & grand prizes for the best dress king & queen for that night. So we made the votes .. & the winner is .. Jayantha for the king of the night & Siramas for the queen of the night .. hehehehe ..

Jayantha always pride to wear his national head, no wonder that he was the king of the night. Siramas? quiet gorgeous she was in green [nafzed]

So everyone ask the king & queen to do singing for us .. they sang their native songs. I don’t understand every single word!! But that was not the end of the show!

That night also the 2nd anniversary of Thiendung’s wedding, that was why he voluntary came forward & sang songs of vietnamese’, he did sing with his heart, but .. oh please .. let him enjoy his moment for awhile!! Happy anniversary Thiendung!!

For the last moment everyone ask Mike to sing a song, now that is the real show .. Mike pick the old song “I believe I could fly” … he sang nicely (in some part) .. but those will add some more flavor of the whole night. I will never forget.

April 2, 2007 - Posted by | Social Activity

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  1. Hi Nuel,

    I’ve got to spend some time to read your blog. You’re so active in your entry ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work.

    Komentar oleh Farah Hani | Mei 27, 2007 | Balas

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