The Aldebaran – Chronicles of the Stars Pilgrim

Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

You Crazy Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

There has to be naughty children in every class room, everywhere in the world. So does in ISYA, there’s bunch of participant, which act more like in kindergarten class instead of ISYA level. I guess i was one of them .. *grinning* ..

I am not so sure how can this happen, it happen, just like that; first Mike, then me, then Farah, bought this kind of bamboo flute, which can mimicking the sound of chirping bird. We have no plan to use it altogether, just for fun.

But while on the beach, we make this silly orchestra (or merely noisy sounding??) here & there .. maybe most of us did not care too much, since everyone enjoy the beach, yet still the sound was annoying!!

We play this (silly) orchestra on the beach, it was fun!! Truly!! Against the wind from the sea. Annoying?? Did not know from where he come, our dear Prof. Dr. Tun Nanang Widodo ran through us & shout .. “YOU CRAZZZYYYYY MENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” .. we just stop & laugh, very very honest moment, we have very exciting moment, because we just did what we want to do, but we realize the situation, so friendly, no boundary of friendship, no limitation, i guess that is the real meaning of friendship. From that moment, this phrase always remembered,

Now, we should wrap up the day, since we have to leave & rest. & I mean it.

Maret 31, 2007 - Posted by | Social Activity

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