The Aldebaran – Chronicles of the Stars Pilgrim

Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

The Bat Cave

Maybe nothing important happen on day to day variation, (is it?) Well, that is depend on how you measure the importance of the situation! I just going to jump for another exciting week end. The 2nd Saturday on Malay .. another journey!!

We visit mangrove forest & cave exploration, guided by Mr. Badrul. He is quiet an expert for that site. First we took the boat to this ‘Bat Cave’ (literally) … now, where can i find this Bruce Wayne??? I should ask for his autograph (LoL) … rrrr … becareful for the guano! Indeed it was a bat cave in literal term, a dark cave with so many bats hanging around on the ceiling .. creepy right?

After awhile out of the cave, Badrul told us about some sort of mangrove trees, he might be a good biologist, botanist, or environmentalist or even a good teacher? He tell us good story about the effect of the tree, many kind of root (‘George of the Jungle’ stuff & yadayada).

Later on, the boat took us down the river onto the mangrove jungle, hey .. great biology expedition!! Now i know why there are many yellow leaves on mangrove!!

From the forest we were going to the sea ‘where’s the eagles soar & feed’ ..Badrul told us good story about this eagle’s splendor .. knowing how they were mating, how they live & they die. Ahh .. i will cover this story later on.

the eagles & the fish

the eagle & the fish .. #2


After awhile we set for the fish farm, great .. great .. great .. to see how pepole tend the fish, instead of gone fishing, they make the farming for the fish, quiet a life. Ufff .. so many to tell , so many kind of fish.

Eventualy we went back, & on the way back we were lucky to plant some mangrove root on the river bank. Well, we are not quiet environmentalist in serious way, but we were doing fine, right?

So, our next destination is Tanjung Rhu beach, it was okay, but we have no opportunity for swimming, so we just took photograph & leave … ehhh … wait! Just wait!! We almost left Jin Zhao!!! Oh no .. he was on the far side of the shore, alone, so Yogesh should run after him.

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