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Roach Buster Task Force

It was night then in class room, this is the hq for Laptop Club hang out during night; for one night, Robyn arrived on the scene, to join the club?? naaaa .. i don’t think so .. she came just to tell that a roach invading her room (it was one by then) .. so she should make one simple trip of refugee somewhere & the class room should be a good place to stay; lucky Siramas still in the class room, so Rob could stay in Sirama’s room.

Eventually, that night passed peacefully (so does everyone happy .. hurrayyy) – yeah, it should be safe, since Rob taking refugee on Shiramas’s room , both of them should handle one roach. Rite?

… yeah, dunno what was happen with the roach; but then, another night came, but similar event happen (did i say deja vu?), but now the roach bring his(or her?) companion for visiting (is not it bit more polite, instead of invading??). Five of them .. oh .. u should see Rob’s face while brought her pillow to the class room. *LoL* – but actually should i laugh not, i am not that mean

So we have to join forces on removing roaches .. so here we were, Wasim, Yogesh & me, … whose u gonna call?? roach-buster?? (sing it in the tone of ‘Ghostbuster’)

We tried to remove the roaches from her room. We were succeeded that night. Cool, we’re doing great on removing roaches. (Only for one night), but on the next night, similar things happen!! Why these roaches so eager to visiting Rob’s room? Could some one give scientific explanation????

Roach Buster Taskย Force

On the next night only Wasim & me doing the patrol .. mwahahaha .. too bad we’ve only managed to capture one single roach, we’ve taken it alive, take it outside & smash it gleefully … *now that was sadistic ritual* … & but the other thing to do is to take Rob’s mattress out of the room & put it on the living room so she can sleep peacefully … (in the living room).

The question is, should we do patrol for roach on nightly bases? Well .. that won’t happen, since Mr. Hakim is left alone in his room, he is so nice to share the apartment with Rob, so she moved from her room to Mr. Hakim apartment’s & so the RBTF ceased to exist.

Well .. end of one story. Now we never hear about this visiting roach anymore. Yet the story remain to be told.

Maret 31, 2007 - Posted by | Social Activity

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  1. Pak Hakim satu kamar beduaan sama cewek??? Wahahahahaa…ngapain tuh??? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Komentar oleh astronomsableng | April 8, 2007 | Balas

  2. hahaha .. yang pasti pak Hakim ga cuman berdua-an, jangan lupa kl g jg nemenin pak Hakim merokok di apartemen pak Hakim lho .. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Komentar oleh nggieng | April 9, 2007 | Balas

  3. Waaaaaahhhhh jangan loe tinggal nggieng…nanti bisa terjadi hal-hal yang diinginkan, hahahaha…. salam buat Pak Hakim deh ya kalau ketemu, salam dari astronomsableng, hahahaha…

    Komentar oleh astronomsableng | April 11, 2007 | Balas

  4. wakssss tercekatttttttt baru baca…

    Komentar oleh ivie | April 12, 2007 | Balas

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