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How Many Astronomers needed to Open One Box?

So next destination is dinner time!! We went to place called Langka Suka beach & resort; for dinner, true, but there is one thing more important thing to tell.

FYI, this ISYA is the last time for Prof. Michele Gerbaldi as the lecturer, it is her 12th ISYA during her career, quiet contribution for astronomy .. that is why we all the participant agreed to give some nice presents for her dedication. Not much, but sincere. And that time is the best time to give the presents.

After a quiet nice dinner on the beach, “it was heaven”, at least that is what i’ve heard from Mr. Hakim, since we can do smoking directly on the table after eating. =))

So here we are , all of participants, lecturer gather, give the presents, sharing that nice moment. The funny thing is when Michele tried to open the box, she had a little difficulty, so there are some tried to help, also failed .. come on .. should be difficult to open the boxes??

Even Prof. Guinan had to said “How many astronomeres needed to open one box????” Eventually the boxes opened, & what was inside?? nice crystal vase & tiny teapot … 😀

The Happy Moment #1The Happy Moment #2The Happy Moment #3The Happy Moment #4The Happy Moment #5The Happy Moment #6The Happy Moment #7

Then, all of us relax & enjoy the beach in the dark of the night ….

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