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Balai Cerab Negara – 2nd Visit

So, for the next time, this is my real opportunity to observe from LNO (Langkawi National Observatory, a.k.a Balai Cerab Negara, Langkawi) *that is the real & official name*. I have the opportunity to observing using spectroscopy, -what is that?- I will discuss about the technical detail later. Bad for our team, which consist of Nhazatulishima, Kim Mun-Song, Nam Sok-Chon, Yuan Jinzhao, Nguyen Tien Dung,Lau Chen-Chen, Prof. Chenzhou Cui & me; we have to race with the cloud, the task is to observe one early type star & one late type star.

What can we do, if the cloud is running around in the sky, so we have to chase the brightest we can find, so instead of observing those kind of stars, we’ve only manage to observe two early type stars. Mwahahaha .. at least we have something & report our finding. We have manage to observe Sirius & Castor.

It does not matter, wether to use modern equipment or standard or even basic equipment, we still rely on how nature behave, which will be on astronomer side, or against the astronomer. This is the basic work of astronomer.

Maret 31, 2007 - Posted by | Astronomy

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