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Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

You Crazy Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

There has to be naughty children in every class room, everywhere in the world. So does in ISYA, there’s bunch of participant, which act more like in kindergarten class instead of ISYA level. I guess i was one of them .. *grinning* .. Baca lebih lanjut

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How Many Astronomers needed to Open One Box?

So next destination is dinner time!! We went to place called Langka Suka beach & resort; for dinner, true, but there is one thing more important thing to tell.

FYI, this ISYA is the last time for Prof. Michele Gerbaldi as the lecturer, it is her 12th ISYA during her career, quiet contribution for astronomy .. that is why we all the participant agreed to give some nice presents for her dedication. Not much, but sincere. And that time is the best time to give the presents. Baca lebih lanjut

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Mike the Snake Dancer

Mwahahahahahaha …

Mikey the bullet #1 Mikey the bullet #2 Mikey the bullet #3 Mikey the bullet #4

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The Cable Guy .. upsss .. The Cable Car Ride

Next stop is .. cable car ride, great .. great .. great .. another great .. great scenery, great site, we will ride the cable car from the mountain foothold on northern part of Langkawi, right to the top, visiting the hanging bridge. Once we pass the bridge, when we were facing north, we will see the mist of Thailand. In the west we will see the great Indian Ocean. Baca lebih lanjut

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The Bat Cave

Maybe nothing important happen on day to day variation, (is it?) Well, that is depend on how you measure the importance of the situation! I just going to jump for another exciting week end. The 2nd Saturday on Malay .. another journey!!

We visit mangrove forest & cave exploration, guided by Mr. Badrul. He is quiet an expert for that site. First we took the boat to this ‘Bat Cave’ (literally) … now, where can i find this Bruce Wayne??? I should ask for his autograph (LoL) … rrrr … becareful for the guano! Indeed it was a bat cave in literal term, a dark cave with so many bats hanging around on the ceiling .. creepy right? Baca lebih lanjut

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The Eagle’s Splendor

Why eagle? Don’t you know, Langkawi is about the eagle after all? Badrun’s said that when time of mating come, the male eagle will chase the female, if the female’s okay, she should fly fast & the male should run after her. If she’s too fast, he should looking for another opportunity, or maybe chase another female.

If thing’s right, their claw should tight one another, then they would glide circling around down below, then release the claw, climb again, fly high .. over & over .. That is the mating. I don’t know to write it better, but my imagination describe it very well .. so majestic, is not it??

Eagle is known as monogamist, they will stuck with it’s pair, forever, even until one died, the other will wait beside the carcass (the carcass will decay in about four weeks), usually, without food, water, does not care about heat, rain, then, the sad one will die in 2 weeks, right beside the dearest part. Tragic romantic?

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Spectroscopy – The Fingerprint of the Stars

If surgeon need scalpel to dissect patient (ouch), so does astronomer need their scalpel, that is by dissecting the light of the star, which collected by the telescope. Let is said, that spectroscopy is technical method to break the star-light into rainbow color (or electromagnetic wave in more general term – that is if the astronomer is not an optician) & see how the rainbow is so different between one star & another, this is the finger-print of the stars. So from this rainbow, we know about what is this star, this is the fingerprint of the sun, that one is sirius, that one is aldebaran, that one is capela, that one is betelgeuse, etc etc.

So here it is, the fingerprint of Sirius, not so special about it. Realy, you could check from spectroscopy atlas of stars anywhere, but one thing that is so special is shown by prof. Gerbaldi, there is one distinct line that related to water vapor above the LNO, oh dear, even the sky above the LNO is not so astronomically clear. *sigh* . Yeah, nothing is perfect, that is how the nature behave.


Sirius Spectrum

This evidence will be challenging for every observers who will observe from that site someday. Maybe our information might be invaluable someday? Or might be just stepped aside & forgotten?

Maybe? (with Nam’s style of speaking [Nam Sok Chong, -the Korean guy]).

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Balai Cerab Negara – 2nd Visit

So, for the next time, this is my real opportunity to observe from LNO (Langkawi National Observatory, a.k.a Balai Cerab Negara, Langkawi) *that is the real & official name*. I have the opportunity to observing using spectroscopy, -what is that?- I will discuss about the technical detail later. Bad for our team, which consist of Nhazatulishima, Kim Mun-Song, Nam Sok-Chon, Yuan Jinzhao, Nguyen Tien Dung,Lau Chen-Chen, Prof. Chenzhou Cui & me; we have to race with the cloud, the task is to observe one early type star & one late type star.

What can we do, if the cloud is running around in the sky, so we have to chase the brightest we can find, so instead of observing those kind of stars, we’ve only manage to observe two early type stars. Mwahahaha .. at least we have something & report our finding. We have manage to observe Sirius & Castor.

It does not matter, wether to use modern equipment or standard or even basic equipment, we still rely on how nature behave, which will be on astronomer side, or against the astronomer. This is the basic work of astronomer.

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Balai Cerab Negara & The Blue Reptile

This is the main story of the big scene of ISYA, visiting observatory … woahhh … modern observatory, with all modern & sophisticated facilities, made me envy for the whole things. They have anything that i only dream of; but dreaming is not a bad idea right? The more important thing to do is doing something with anything you have.

Technically speaking, for sun observation, they have seven telescopes with different filters!! For the night observation, they have this Ritchey-Chretien 20″ with giant Paramount mounting, all had been completed set up with computer controlled. They have many kind of filters, spectrograph, CCD’s .. great .. great ..

For the softwares, they use MaximIDL & Adobe Photoshop .. so expensive, i have only dream to use it back then

Alas, that is not the main attention (at least for me) for the first time visit to this observatory (Balai Cerab is what they say in Malaysian language), i have great attention of this creature that ‘greet’ us on our first visit. How so???

Yeah yeah .. we saw one lizard, quiet big around 30 cm long, directly i remembered the creature from computer game “Fall-Out”, which discuss about this kind of gecko .. hahaha .. i don’t know how can i link this distance event, but you know, there is one kind of tropical lizard from tropical land with latin’s name: cosymbotus platyurus (flat-tailed gecko), so .. gecko gecko gecko?? is this coincidence?? I guess something just intertwining in my memory, but it was indeed compelling more, instead of the sophisticated of the observatory.


Well, we will observing from this observatory later, so i can wait for another moment to taste the satisfaction of modern observatory, in the mean time, i just wondering about this gecko stuff. Irrelevant, but fun!

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Roach Buster Task Force

It was night then in class room, this is the hq for Laptop Club hang out during night; for one night, Robyn arrived on the scene, to join the club?? naaaa .. i don’t think so .. she came just to tell that a roach invading her room (it was one by then) .. so she should make one simple trip of refugee somewhere & the class room should be a good place to stay; lucky Siramas still in the class room, so Rob could stay in Sirama’s room.

Eventually, that night passed peacefully (so does everyone happy .. hurrayyy) – yeah, it should be safe, since Rob taking refugee on Shiramas’s room , both of them should handle one roach. Rite?

… yeah, dunno what was happen with the roach; but then, another night came, but similar event happen (did i say deja vu?), but now the roach bring his(or her?) companion for visiting (is not it bit more polite, instead of invading??). Five of them .. oh .. u should see Rob’s face while brought her pillow to the class room. *LoL* – but actually should i laugh not, i am not that mean

So we have to join forces on removing roaches .. so here we were, Wasim, Yogesh & me, … whose u gonna call?? roach-buster?? (sing it in the tone of ‘Ghostbuster’)

We tried to remove the roaches from her room. We were succeeded that night. Cool, we’re doing great on removing roaches. (Only for one night), but on the next night, similar things happen!! Why these roaches so eager to visiting Rob’s room? Could some one give scientific explanation????

Roach Buster Task Force

On the next night only Wasim & me doing the patrol .. mwahahaha .. too bad we’ve only managed to capture one single roach, we’ve taken it alive, take it outside & smash it gleefully … *now that was sadistic ritual* … & but the other thing to do is to take Rob’s mattress out of the room & put it on the living room so she can sleep peacefully … (in the living room).

The question is, should we do patrol for roach on nightly bases? Well .. that won’t happen, since Mr. Hakim is left alone in his room, he is so nice to share the apartment with Rob, so she moved from her room to Mr. Hakim apartment’s & so the RBTF ceased to exist.

Well .. end of one story. Now we never hear about this visiting roach anymore. Yet the story remain to be told.

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