The Aldebaran – Chronicles of the Stars Pilgrim

Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

Smoking Club

Long Live the Cigarette , Live Long the Smoker!!!!! That was what Mr. Hakim said about us, i don’t know where this was started, but eventually happen, when two or three people gather and … it should be a society was created, so there we are, there are some of us usually gathered around after lunch time or dinner or any spared moment, just to polluting our environment, & the pollutant not only came from Indonesia (mwahuahuahua), there are also North Korean, Philippine, Malay & our great great Godfather Mr. Hakim .. the dragon should breath to survive, so once the dragon fatigue, what is left from the breath is only .. the smoke .. ๐Ÿ˜€ – how i like this allegory

But for historical fact, this dragon society has a long & harsh journey, it has embryonal movement on UKM back then, soon afterward in Langkawi, it’s tried to make foothold in a shelter in front of the campus, but soon dispelled & forbidenn from campus, *ugghh* .. so soon after, we regroup & make another ‘maginot line’ outside .. that is .. the bus shelter outside the campus ..

That is the boss

Smoking Club

So, u never found the dragon in every corner of MARA, since the dragon always hid outside the campus, just to take a deep breath. So forget where’s the dragon, but check for the smoke floating around the corner.

Maret 22, 2007 - Posted by | Social Activity

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  1. Dragon? Kapiken, ah. Lokomotif ajah ๐Ÿ˜€

    Komentar oleh Ratona | Maret 26, 2007 | Balas

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