The Aldebaran – Chronicles of the Stars Pilgrim

Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

Smoking Club

Long Live the Cigarette , Live Long the Smoker!!!!! That was what Mr. Hakim said about us, i don’t know where this was started, but eventually happen, when two or three people gather and … it should be a society was created, so there we are, there are some of us usually gathered around after lunch time or dinner or any spared moment, just to polluting our environment, & the pollutant not only came from Indonesia (mwahuahuahua), there are also North Korean, Philippine, Malay & our great great Godfather Mr. Hakim .. the dragon should breath to survive, so once the dragon fatigue, what is left from the breath is only .. the smoke ..๐Ÿ˜€ – how i like this allegory

But for historical fact, this dragon society has a long & harsh journey, it has embryonal movement on UKM back then, soon afterward in Langkawi, it’s tried to make foothold in a shelter in front of the campus, but soon dispelled & forbidenn from campus, *ugghh* .. so soon after, we regroup & make another ‘maginot line’ outside .. that is .. the bus shelter outside the campus ..

That is the boss

Smoking Club

So, u never found the dragon in every corner of MARA, since the dragon always hid outside the campus, just to take a deep breath. So forget where’s the dragon, but check for the smoke floating around the corner.

Maret 22, 2007 - Posted by | Social Activity

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  1. Dragon? Kapiken, ah. Lokomotif ajah๐Ÿ˜€

    Komentar oleh Ratona | Maret 26, 2007 | Balas

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