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Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

To go to KL & Back

We have to stay for a week in Kuala Lumpur, inside the dorm of UKM. At first glance, oh boy, where am i, far from home, without cellular (back then), without internet connection? *sigh* .. but even if the flesh is in the cage, the spirit’s free (?) – nyeeeee ; yeah it was then, but soon after, i have cellular with malaysian number & yeah, lucky there is wireless connection on the class room … so i share my experience with ever astro-geeker in Indonesia… 😀

Even from the first day, ‘crime’ happens (too much CSI – sorry) .. how can i tell? Since i was not involved, but i may be a good prosecutor somehow .. here is the case ..

it was the first day of the first monday in KL, there are 12 suspects escape (sight-seeing?) to KL, just to make their pictures under the petronas tower? Well .. not guilty .. since there is no law against the act, but then? Once they were go home, should they jumped off the fence?? just to get home?? they can easily past another gate or try to meet security officer?? for this part, guilty as charged .. ;p

show me don’t tell meee .. u figured out the score .. *i will bring evidence if you like* .. :))

so move on, on the second day, we have Official Opening Ceremony, with Important Official Governmental Representations; let’s name it Director General of Angkasa, Y. Bhg. Prof. Datuk Dr. Mazlan Othman, Vice-Chancellor of UKM, Y. Bhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hasan Shahabudin, & of course Y. Bhg. Prof. Dr. Michele Gerbaldi as the Chairwoman of IAU. Are they all women?? Yes they are, cool is in it, they said that when woman leads, angels will come & bless us (I guess i have already heard that many many times, even before professor Shangkar mention, – now, where did i heard? from angelology?).

During the event, Profesor Gerbaldi presented her lecture on ‘Death & Birth of the Star’ .. very very inspiring, since i was also study astronomy (don’t we us all do?) , but in some particular point factually, Prof. Gerbaldi in indirect way had pointed me, the role of convection within the stars .. – ah come on, leave the materials of study behind – but again, indeed it was inspiring.

Well, as a matter of fact, UKM is on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, so i should not said that i WAS in Kuala Lumpur; but the opportunity is come on the schedule, which is we will go to Planetarium Negara Kuala Lumpur, so it would be a great experience to visit the capital of ‘negri jiran’, (‘neighbouring country’ in Malayan tongue, which describe the neighborhood of Indonesia & Malaysia)

First impression? .. rrr .. speechless, if i said too much, i should be working as a Public Relation for the planetarium .. so, i should be shut my mouth; at least, one compelling most is .. zero gravity pod!! .. kind of my kindergarten playground .. (i AM 9 years by now) .. if you are not believe me, you should see ikbal goes out from the escaping pod …

well, frankly, the dome is the usual planetarium dome, like every planetarium dome, but what is make the differences?? Prof. Udhaya Shankar made public lecture inside the planetarium .. mwahmwahmwah .. yes, that is one thing, but there is another important thing is, how advance is the system which mean reflects how serious this country on developing astronomy.

Let me tell you this, there is one tower on the planetarium (at first i thought it was a Mosque’s tower), but once i was in the tower?? oh boy, it IS an observatory!! what was amazing me more .. it consist of 14″ Celestron as the main scope, Takahashi finder (takahashi as a finder??? Should i speak up??), SBIG ST-9 (brbrbrbr) & … PARAMOUNT MOUNTING .. glurppp .. paramount mounting for a planetarium?? with remote control & robotic facility?? oh boy boy boy boy .. nafzd!

Okay, back to Prof. Udhaya Shangkar, he gave lecture on radio astronomi, the future of astronomy from radio astronomy perspectives & if only you could look how the public responded, it was an appreciative moment.

For one night, it was exhilarating; there are many things to come .. so friday is the last day we stay in KL & we have to move north to Langkawi Island. But wait wait wait, we are not on star-trek movie with transporter technology .. we have to take the bus & night-seeing of other part of KL while departing.

So there are .. Putra Jaya … ahhh … for one night, i should have give credit as the Garden of the Light, the Great Mosque, the lights, the towers, true masterpiece of architecture, aesthetic touch, well planned city & designing. Yeah, two tumbs up laahh ..

Photometry of the Mosque

Great Mosque

Aside from the mesmerizing of the scene, i should give more credits & admission for the planning, developing, management, how can central state government rent the land of federal government for 300 years? At least that was what i have heard.

During the travel, i also have the opportunity to stop on the Jalan Raja, wow .. it seems like the ancient palace, or something like that, since there are specific tour guide to tell us the story, but it was okay. Just okay, sorry , it is not because of i am not interest on commenting, i want to tell the story, but lack of sufficient informations.

Jalan Raja

But then, another story have to wait ..

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