The Aldebaran – Chronicles of the Stars Pilgrim

Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

.. & so the Night Began

Heuh, sounds like a scary thing, what is wrong with the night? Indeed the night is the most joyful moment for astronomer, how so? Most astronomer SHOULD HAVE to wait for night for the observation, which is the main job of astronomer, is not it?? So if the question is: when will the astronomer have a good time? The answer is IN THE NIGHT TIME .. & the moral of the story is .. come on everyone who is attending the ISYA 07, let’s us have many many fun!!!!

I am not saying that we will having night time activity & sleep at noon, we are not watching Bram Stoker’s Dracula, no?

After we arrived at MRSM, (that is the place we should stay for the rest of the event), since we arrived around noon, so we have some freedom for adaptation during the rest of the day, since the activities (for fun) would be start on sunday.

Uhhh .. i was so sorry for Fairus, he had injuried on his head because of the bus .. :((

Sunday, morning, no no, not night, it was the time for having fun & lot of it!!

We start from visiting Galeri Perdana, which is dedicated to former minister of Malaysian, Dr. Mahatir Mohammad; quiet fascinating to see his collection, which collected from around the globe. Yeah it took awhile to look around, but with limited & tight schedule? oh dear oh dear oh dear ..

After that we visit sea-cucumber’s factory!! tx for the explanation, mr. hasbullah, the tour guide, he explain that while the oil of sea-cucumber (minyak gamat) was made on the boiled in the cauldron, we can put our finger inside the boiling oil. true, i have tried it by myself … they said that minyak gamat has many good effect for our health. So far i have no healthy problem, but i guess it would be nice if i tried it once in awhile, or just share it with everyone, so i bought 14 for 10 RM .. :))

Around the noon, we are finally arrived on the heart of whole activities: The Observatory!! Well , i should pass this for another post. Let me getting through.

Back from the LNO, we have plan for watching traditional dancing competition, but a pitty that we came late .. *sigh* .. well, one thing for sure … we were go to the beach!!! hip hip hurrayyyyy ..

The beach is great, clean, with not so nasty wave, since the bay was covered by a small island. In this place we were doing some small games for fun, so they separate us into four groups. So there are four groups, can you believe the name:

Group one is “Sea Cucumber”, Group two is “IRAF” (what is to say, Image Reduction & Facilities??????), Group three is “Galaxy”, & Group four is …. “DURIANNNNNNN” …. (laughing out loudly while rolling on the floor with two hands holding on the stomach) …

The first game is .. ahh what they call, we run inside the sand-bag (?) while kicking the ball, very very fun, every group separated by half of the team & every team member have to run inside the sand-bag & kicking the ball across the way & after that replaced by the next member. Guess the winner is? IRAF!!!

The second game is passing the message, from the last line of member to the front, whose message will be error?? It should be easy, since factually the message consist of only pictures, just visualize!! But then, in the case of IRAF, four ellipse & two triangles!! easy? rite?? but? how can it be, become: four eclipses & two trianglesss???????

Eventually the durian wins (am i correct?) they did draw good pictures.

The third game is tug of war!!! howaaaa … so the IRAF won easily, i guess it could be because of IRAF have Michael as the anchor? is not it? or it just because we have Siramas on the team, that would keep the boys so sugarr highhh .. or iis it either?? yeah , whatever the reason, the winner is IRAF.

Well, no cup, no medalion for the winner but , everyone happy, happy to swimming on the sea afterward, happy to playing volleyball, how i amazed to see tiendung swim, he swim like a fish .. mwaaa ..

so the sun is going down, everyone had to rest, we were going home & by monday, the class will be start & it should be rough .. true ..

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