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Conundrum of Astronomy, particularly in South East Asia

Langkawi Island .. Here we Come!!

It took around .. i don’t know, while left Jalan Raja, i just fell asleep; fyi, just after left Putra Jaya, Mr. Hakim slept all the way, even he did not wake up on Jalan Raja, so i just follow his footstep, sleeping all the way. But not quiet a good sleep, sometimes i awoke & realize that Joko still hanging around, sitting & longing, & sometimes i ask him, “don’t you sleep Joko?”, he always said that he was cool, my my my, if they allowed me to smoke on the bus i should be awake also .. but then, i just passed away.

Until around dawn, we arrived in Kedah. More less i recognized the pattern, did i travel on northern java’s road? Oh, i did mistake, i was on Kedah, one state of Malaysia .. way way kilometers away from java. We have to stop for breakfast before departed using ferry; what is on the menu?? They call the food as roti canai/roti kosong/a.k.a roti caneeee!! (hmmmm) … Another resemblance with Indonesian food, but with different touch, for sure. It was around 9am as i recall, we have to wait for around 2 hours before took the ferry.

To make the story shorter, then .. let’s say the magic word – voila .. we were on the ferry. I always fond of sea-fare , across the ocean & see the distance horizon. So during the way, we hanging around the upper deck, having some sunbath & dancing inside the wind of the oceans – unless you feel sea-sick ofcourse. Let us share some pictures to describe what was happen then.

way of the sea
see see sea

It took around one hour & a half to go from Kedah to Langkawi island, it was said that Langkawi has the myth of Mahsuri’s curse; the story revolves around about princess Mahsuri who’d had been cursed for 7 generation cannot have fortune, how unfortunate.

Langkawi itself derived from two words, Lang which rooted from Elang=eagle/hawk/falcon? & Kawi=the marble wood; that is why once we land on the island we were welcomed by giant statue of the bird. This eagle splendor as if is said .. welcome to langkawi.

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