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Nice to Make Your Acquaintance

What is so interesting to enter a new environment is, that we would meet stranger, so, what would we do once we deal with the strangers? since we will stuck with those stranger for such quiet some times. Naturally, we will open ourself to know every of them, for being friend. So it is also in here, nice to have new friend, from different cultural background, different scientific interest, but then, everyone was contained together, ‘isolated’, & to spare the time together.

So there they are, i am the only contingent from Indonesia with smoking habit, so i guess once i was here & thought to stop smoking, hey .. i should respect the majority .. *giggle* .. but then, one, & two, & three, i’ve met these fellow of North Korea, smoking, so , we switch cigarette, they tried my favorite Gudang Garam Surya Pro, & i tried their Ruskyan’s, for the first time they tried indonesian’s cigarette, & their comment was only .. “too light” .. — darn, indeed they are heavy smoker – tehee —

& four & five & so on .. one by one appear from philippine also, & lucky for me Mr. Hakim is here for smoking session, ahahaha .. here we are a bunch of smoker .. well that’s what a friend are for? for sharing the smokes .. but is not only the matter, back to the business, the north korean also working on solar physics, so naturally for me, i was luck to have this companion, maybe for further development of science? why not, at least they already getting along with us.

well well .. being a friend also developed not only by a chance, but also thru process, there are many many activities that drove us getting along together, but then, i should have read a diary instead of this blog, since every second my watch thicking, many things happen pass beyond imagination, & how i appreciate that every moment. There are 38 participants anyway. Tempus fugit.

Maret 12, 2007 - Posted by | Social Activity

2 Komentar »

  1. Bhuwahahahahaha…. di atas langit masih ada langit. Bukan begitu? Gudang Garam dibilang “light” lha piye sik ono “mild”e kae?

    Komentar oleh Ratona (ah, you know lah :p) | Maret 14, 2007 | Balas

  2. mas, kalo foto2 waktu tenis di lapan di uplot ga? ^.^
    kalo iya dimana yah?

    Komentar oleh Riga | Mei 2, 2009 | Balas

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